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Terrible Night Out
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Terrible night out

One Saturday three months ago, which I was planning about one week before, something bad happened. All went in wrong way since the day started. When I woke up it was raining. But it wasn't spring rain, it was really big storm with lightings intersecting the sky. The mood was bad. I was wondering, when will the rain stop. Around midday, while I was lunching, sun suddenly shined through the big clouds, and rain stopped. In that moment, I started to believe that the day can be still good. The tennis which was planned in morning wasn't, but the football after lunch is still live! It was clear, that if we win this match, we will progress to the higher league and it was the end of season, so we had promised a little party if we win with some food and beer! With this much motivation we couldn't lose!
Goulash and beer, what can make a man happier?
The match wasn't hard but it wasn't easy too! But, with motivation which we had, we couldn't lose whatever will happen! After uneasy start, we manage to score twice. Our defense was so tight, that even mice wouldn't make it through! The third goal was finish for them, and start for us. We score five more times. With great pleasure and sensation of a win, we went to dress room to change our clothes. We wanted to made it as quick as possible because we were really hungry and thirsty! Unfortunately, our couch came to dress room and said, that the other team, which was supposed to lose, which was supposed to have absolutely zero chance to win, won. That meant, that we haven't got enough points for progress to higher league.
This sad celebrating ended around 7.00pm After the dusk we went home.

Yes, it was a great season!
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