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It's the smallest continent. It's situated between the Pacific and the Indian oceans. It's area is about 7.7 million square km-es, but there're only 17 million inhabitants. (It isn't densely populated.)


Australia was founded by captain Cook in 1770. He landed on place, which name is Botany bay now. It's situated in Sydney.

The official name of Australia is Commonwealth of Australia and it's a dominion belonging to the British Commonwealth of Nations. It means, that the official power is in hand of English Queen Elisabeth II. In Australia she is represented by General Governor.

Generally about Australia.

Australia consist of 6 states and 3 territories. Seat of federal parliament and government is in capital city - Canberra. It's situated in south-east part of Australia nearly Pacific coast. There're about a quarter million citizens.

States of Australia.

The largest city of Australia is Sydney. It's situated nearly Canberra on Pacific coast. It's capital of New South Wales. There live about 3 million people. Sydney is very important for Australia. There're the biggest seaport of Australia and the biggest airport of Australia. Sydney is world famous because of Harbor Bridge and Theater House and many beaches.

(Bondy bay, Palm bay, Pittwater bay.)

The 2nd largest city is Melbourne. It's capital of Victoria state. Its population is about 2.8 million inhabitants. There are 3 universities, important seaport. In 1956 Melbourne was city of Olympic Games.

Capital of Queensland is Brisbane. It's 3rd largest city of Australia. There live more then 1 million people there. It's situated 20 km-es from Pacific coast. It's important riverport.

The 4th largest city is Adelaide. Its population is about 900,000 people. It's situated on South coast. It's capital of South Australia. It's very important by cows, wool...

Capital of West Australia is Perth. It's situated on Indian coast. Its population is about 800,000 people.

About 400,000 people live in Darwin, which is capital of North Australia. Darwin was devastated by cyclone in 1974.

Capital of Tasmania (island) is Hobart. There is well known Fracinay National Park.

(food, paper, polygraphics, export of tined food)


The geographical center of Australia is Alice's Springs. Australia is mostly landed, but Ayers Rock, situated 300 miles south-east by Alice's Springs, is giant rock formation. It's 2.25 miles breadthwise and 1,800 feet high.
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