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My future - Moja buducnosť
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My future

When I grow up,I to be a teacher, because like kids.
When the I am was she word of advice I am oneself used to play on teacher.
Enjoy so have I making and repairing work kids.
When I leave school,I think I will to university and the I want to travel inforeign countries
where I shall esste study.
I ,d too she wanted he travelled next interesting land scapes.
I dont want to get married to soon,so I think I will wait till twenty-five.
I hope my partners will be inteligent and amusing and I hope we,, ll have tree childrens.
Names of my kids will be Vanessa,Pat and Lenka.Vanessa will be dostress,Patrik will be actor and Lenka will be teacher.
I want live in a small towns.
In a small town everybody knows each other and people are friendly.
You can be very lonely in a big city,but in a small town you,, ve always got friend.
I don,t think tahat the world will change very much.
We,,ll probably have eletric cars and bus and bigger,faster planes.
Doctors will find cures for lots of thing, so life will be easier and people will live longer.
Too oneself find nouvelle planet.
And underfoot reach finally allien, who they will be to us very kindly.
This is my future.
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