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My Future
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Well, let's see now, where do I even begin? I guess since I'm in college, I'll unravel my dreams from here on out. As soon as I finish Duke with my bio/animal behavior degree, I'll hopefully head on over to the University of Washington in St. Louis for vet school (I swear, the facts that my best friend is going there and that it was my second choice for undergrad have nothing to do with my choice of it for my vet degree! ;) ). I know this sounds incredibly idealistic, but what I really want to do with my life is to act as a vet for endangered large felines (I have a weakness for cheetahs), rehabilitating injured ones and helping with breeding programs all over the world. I know, I know, there are only a select few who can ever do something like that, but I look at it this way: at least there won't be much competition for a job that involves handling large carnivores with very large and very sharp teeth. I guess if that doesn't work, I'd be almost as happy traveling around the world and helping third world countries like bolivia restructure and redesign their zoos and natural forests, doing educational stuff like that. THe image of the zoo in Bolivia with the tigers in way-too-small cages sticks with me, and helping to educate the people about the proper treatment of animals is a job I would definitely not mind helping out with. So you must think I'm a freak, a veggie or even a vegan and go to all those animal rights activist things. Nope, I just love animals and want to work with them.
I'm guessing you noticed that my future career plans include lots of travel. Well I told you I was hooked, didn't I? If I ever get the chance (maybe when I retire, who knows?) there are loads of places I want to visit and live and get to know the people. All those places with interesting names like Calcutta and Bombay (I have a thing for India), Budapest and Bucharest, Tierra del Fuego and La Cote D'Ivoire. Nairobi and Johannesburg, Shanghai and Saigon, Tokyo and Moscow, Beijing and Split, Vienna and Amsterdam and Paris and Barcelona and Toronto and Dubrovnic. Sheesh, even Seattle and New York. So many places I've never been to and I'll probably never see, but the list goes on and on. I guess maybe I should have just chucked Duke and become a stewardess....
I guess those are the major things I want to do with my life (besides the obvious marriage and kids thing).
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