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Author: Martin Kukučín - The young ages

Characters: Elena, Misko Jahoda, Ferko Putoris, Elena`s brother

 Plot: It begins when young heroes Misko Jahoda and Ferko Putoris meet Elena in a ball. Elena is a daughter of a vicar. Misko and Ferko are students at a grammar school in Revuca. Misko becomes a teacher of Elena`s  younger brotherbecause her brother has bad marks in maths and Latin language too. He hates Misko because he is strict with him. Misko falls in love to Elena and Ferko too. Ferko is better to her brother and he likes him more than Misko. Both Misko and Ferko begin to fight for Elena`s love. The end is about Elena`s decission. She doesn`t choose either Misko or Ferko. Ferko is unhappy. Misko behaves like a man.

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