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Piatok, 22. októbra 2021
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Healthy is the most important thing in our life, which we can’t buy for money. We usually don’t realize it and we often realize it when is late.

Earlier people often died because of illnesses which nowadays are common and because of them we are prevention vaccinated, but illnesses for which still are incurable, so many people dying in the whole world f.e. aids, cancer, leukemia, diabetes, etc.

We can also keep our healthy by eating healthy food, doing some sports, being in the fresh air, satisfactory sleeping, keeping form stress, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

General practicion at the doctor is also very important for our healthy. Where you come at the waiting room where you wait when line become for you. Upon your coming in surgery you must give your insurance card to a nurse who find your card during you come to the doctor, who says that you must strip to waist. The GP examines your chest, listen your pulls, examines your throat, thumbs your tonsils, check your backbone. If you are ill, the doctor prescribes a recipe for you with you go to a pharmacy to get drops.

For healthy I don’t do anything. To the doctor I go when I really must because I hate doctors and hospital atmosphere. Fortunately I didn’t must be in hospital as a patient never and I haven’t never been seriously ill.
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