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16 Na strelnici,
Nitrianske Hrnciarovce.
11th February, 2010
Nitrianske noviny,
14 Frana Mojtu,

Dear Editor,

I am writing to protest about traffic problem at the foot of Zobor. People who live in this part can not get to the central and to other parts of Nitra. Nevertheless I praise the first step, our local government has made the roundabout.

However in my opinion, that is not enough. Every morning there are traffic jams, because a lot of cars, lorries and buses drive through Nitra in both directions from Bratislava to Banská Bystrica and from Banská Bystrica to Bratislava. It is clear that the traffic jams will also affect our health and it will be in spite of the fact that we live the environment full of forests and gardens.

Although the roundabout was a good idea I would welcome a new road that is planned to be built under the highway and I would specially welcome its quicker completion.

I think also other residents would agree with me. I plane to send this letter to the E-mail address of our local government.

I look forward to a new road.

Yours sincerely

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