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Choosing a cariere
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Choosing a career is a very important step in everybody's life. Most children and some students don't have clear ideas about their
job. Boys usually want to be pilots, astronauts, designers,
architects, soldiers and etc. Girls on the other hand dream about
becoming actresses, singers, ballet - dancers, dressmakers,
nurses or teachers. Some children want to follow their parents or
parents want their children to work in the same line as they did.
When I was a small boy I dreamed about becoming a pilot. I was
interested in spaceship and aeroplanes. I liked speed and
freedom. Then I wanted to become a businessman. I liked to sell
everything what I had in my room and also I made my own money.
But my parents or only my father wanted me to become a
ski-runner. I had a lot of training but I knew it's not so good.
My parents bought me a computer and it was good for me.
When I was leaving the basic school it was difficult for me to
decide which school go to. I think the 14-years old child doesn't
know exactly what he wants to do in the future, the ideas of
his future job quickly change in this age. For those who really
don't know to make a decision is grammar school a starting point. There they can find out what they are interested in but also what
is boring for then. But they have to learn everything so they
don't have enough time for their favorite subjects and for their
hobbies. The students learn a lot of unpractical facts that they
surely forget.
I attended grammar school and at that time I was dreaming
about musician. In first class I began to play the keyboard. But I
didn't attend music school and I detected that music is not good
job. At the grammar school I'm interested in mathematics, physics
and computers. I made up my mind at this school.
I decided to study computer engineer or technical engineer at
the Electric University in Bratislava. But problem is to be
successful in the exams to university. They are very hard and
usually very low number of students have a chance to enter the
university. Also today studying isn't cheap. There can be
talented students who don't have enough money so they can't afford
to continue in studying but those who have money and aren't not
so talented study further.
I'll try to fulfill this my dream and then I could work as a
computer specialist. I cannot imagine my job only as a means of
earning money.
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