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Revúca is a town in Banská Bystrica region. Revúca is a trailhead of several hiking trails leading to the Muránska planina National Park. Muráň Castle and Ochtiná Aragonite Cave are very close to the town.
Population of Revúca is more than 13 000 inhabitants.

The first written record of the existence of the town is from year 1357. During the second half of the 19th century, Revúca became a centre of Slovak national revival.

The first gymnasium in Slovakia
The first high school teaching in the Slovak language was founded in Revúca in 1862, but it was closed down by the Hungarian authorities in 1874. Both the original building of the high school (with the historical exposition) and the new building are the National Cultural Monuments. During the short period of its existence, the high school attracted many activists, writers, and politicians to the town.

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