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The French designer Yves Saint Laurent still shocks the world of fashion. he is much copied and extremely successful because he can predict the fashion and he understands the ere and the women of this era. He thinks that fashion is very important because it shows the evolution and the future of civilization. Every ten years there’s a great change in mores and also a change in clothing. It’s very difficult to predict fashion and also it’s difficult to be dressed according to the latest fashion because it’s quite expensive and fashion changes very frequently. A lot of girls, boys, women and men read a lot of fashion magazines. I wish there would be a possibility to buy special fashion magazine for men in our country. From special fashion magazines I could mention for example Burda, Verena, Esquire and also many others, but I don’t know their names. But we can’t find here only fashion, there are a lot of tips, recipes, new trends, cosmetics, decoration and some stories.

There are a lot of life styles and so that a lot of fashion styles: smart, casual, country, Italian, American, lady, grunge.. I often prefer casual and smart style to grange or country style.

I usually jeans and some shirt or a T-shirt, I like wool, cotton and denim materials, sometimes I used to wear corduroy, but now I don’ wear it at all. I don’ like various patterns, maybe checked could be, but I prefer plane pattern. And colors, I like gray, blue, black and also red, but only red shorts.

When it is a cold weather I have to put on a sweater, jumper, coat, anorak, cup, hat, gloves and scarf and warm boots.

When it is a nice and hot weather I usually wear T shirt and some shorts. When I go to the theatre or to a concert I have to put on more formal and smart clothes like tie, suit, low tie, dinner jacket or tail coat, I like smart style, but it depends on the situation.

There are special streets with a lot of special fashion department stores in the centers of fashion like London, Paris, Milan, New York. In London: Bond St., Oxford St., Regent and Carnaby St.

In Hlohovec is only one street, when you can buy something fashionable and it is SNP street, but most of the inhabitants go shopping to Trnava or Nitra, where fashion shops are situated in Stefanikova, Kupecka, Farska and Mostna street.
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