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Review-Step up
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Step up is the title of romantic musical drama.The movie is directed by Anne Fletcher and starring Channing Tatum as Tyler and Jenna Dewan as Nora. Lenght of film is 98 minutes. The action take place in Baltimore.

The story is about young people which like dancing. Tyler Gage is a young rebel,hip-hoper living on the wrong side in Baltimore and stealing cars but he loves dancing. However, he wants a dream that, he leaves this wrong side. He has trouble with police after his break into the private artistic school where going Nora. Nora Clark is decent rich primabalerina. Their destinys are united when Tyler fulfil his punishment. He watches a dance class and meets Nora while he working. Tyler as a cleaner is near to Nora. Tyler is conceited but love is strong and Nora see him like a nice boy and great dancer, which help her when she need it. Romantic is mixed everything. Do they be successful in their dreams?

In my opinion the story is quite interesting. The film is presented for teenagers. Music and dance are modern. Actors are nice and proffesional and their dancing is amazing.
I would recommand this film to everyone, who likes romantic musical films.
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