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Fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a happy family. They lived in a nice house with a farm in the village near the famous kingdom. They had three daughters and one son. However, their father died in the war. Mother stayed in house with her daughters but son left them. He found work in other kingdoms. He did not have lucky. He travelled afoot every day and he was tired. So he came round home.
There waited him surprise. His mother was sick. They cared about mammy very well. However, mammy was sick all the time. Your children were hopeless. They called an old wizard to help. He was famous all over the word. He brought a magic pink drink, which was healthful. He gave it to sick woman and she drank it fast. Wizard said that, this drink saved you before illness. All of them were impatient, because they waited for conclusion. She was healthy after seven days. She sent thanks to magician.
Her family started work on their farm together. They produced wine and sold it. They earned a lot of money and they lived happily ever after.

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