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Grandmother´s birthday
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My grandmother´s birthday party.
It was realy big day for our family. Our grandmother was 60 years old and we wanted to make big party for her. She didn´t know about our plan. We invited all family and neineighbors. My mother cooked dinner, my father served drink and alcohol and (50w) me with my cousin baked cake. This party we prepared in our garden.It was very nice. We bought lamps and another decoration. Grandmother was in baths for 2 weeks, so she knew nothing. My uncle brang her at five o´clock. She was suprised and very happy. She got a (50w) lot of presents. For examples: purple carpet, easy chair, new television and of course- flovers. But our grandfather has the best present for her. It was holiday for her and his. But it wasn´t ordinary holiday. They travelled to place, where they were on they first togother holiday. Grandmother was (50w) happy, suprised and she cannot believe it. It was the best suprise for her. Her party finished after midnight and every liked this party.
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