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English drama
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His psychological novel The Picture of Dorian Gray contains his eccentric views of the life and role of an artist in society.

George Bernard Shaw is the greatest playwright of English dramatic comedy since the time of Shakespeare. After a false start in 19th century fashion as a novelist, he made a reputation as a journalist, critic of books, pictures, music and drama. He broke out in a new direction in 1892 as a playwright, although some twelve years later the opposition he had always to face at first was overcome sufficiently to establish him as an irresistible force in the theater. His best known plays are: Mrs.Warren's Profession, Man and Superman, Major Barbara, Saint Joan and Pygmalion.

The tale The Nightingale and the Rose is about young student who loved a beutiful girl and about a nightingale. The girl wanted him to bring her a red rose. He hurried to his garden, but there were no roses. Then he cried. The nightingale didn't like it. So she flew to a big garden. But the bush wanted her to sing a song for it. After her singing she saw that all roses were white. But the nightingale loved the student, so she pierced her heart with some thorn. Her red blood fell on the white rose and the rose became red. She brought rose to the student and then she died. He gave the rose to girl, but she didn't like it. The disappointed student threw the red rose to the dust.
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