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Jobs can be grouped into profession (a doctor, teacher, architect, lawyer) which need university qualifications and other which don´t. These are skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled jobs. Skilled people are those who have learnt a trade. Unskilled jobs don´t require special training (an office cleaner, factory hand, labourer).

There are two basic kinds of jobs: manual work - doesn´t always require secondary school qualification. The many times have to work under hard working conditions, they have to be skillful with their hand. Their job isn´t as stressful as of mental workers. A well paid manual worker in SVK can earn as much as people working a university degree or even more.

Those doing mental work usually have to be highly qualified, their job requires good training and education. When they are in a leading position their job is more stressful, they are responsible for other employes.

Choosing a career - small children usually want to become doctors, teachers, singers, dustmen, pilots, austronauts. When they are about to finish their elementary studies they must have clearer picture of their future. Choosing a future career can be influenced by different factors:
  1. parent´s occupation can serve as an example in choosing a career,
  2. money can also influence student´s decision,
  3. some students choose a certain job to obtain high social status,
  4. in an ideal case students choose a profession, which they are interested in,
  5. personal qualities of a student also play a vital role in choosing a career. It is important wheter one likes working in a team or individually, wheter one is extrovert or introvert.
Labour Market (trh práce) - the LM is bigger for us, however there is a transition period with many EU countries. Nowadays, in all position highly qualified people are needed, also experience is required. It is also very important to learn foreign languages.

Nowadays SVK has a lot of unemployed people. There is a big problem in Eastern Slovakia, where unemployment is much higher than in the western part of the country. This is mainly caused by the lack of good instrastructure and the lack of investments in the region. Recently there were several foreign direct investments made in SVK (VW factory in BA; Peugeot - Citroen Corncern in Trnava).

If you want to change your job, you must look at the advertisements in the newspapers, magazins or go to employment agencies. If you think you have found the right job, you send your CV with your qualifications and details of your previous jobs and go for an interview. If you go for an interview you usually talk to a personnel officer about the salary, office hours and breaks, etc. He can show you the office and tell you what will be your responsibilities.

Jobs can be divided according to working time into the following:

  • Full-time jobs - usually it´s 8 hours a day. A FTJ can also be working shifts, which means that an employee must work at different times of the day.
  • Part-time jobs - one has more free time but naturally earns less.
  • Permanent jobs - don´t finish after a fixed period. 
  • Temporary jobs - one works for a company only for a limited period of time. 
  • Seasonal jobs - also working only for a limited period of time at specific time of the year.
  • Freelancers - those people who work at home for different business partners on contractual basis e.g. a translator, web designer. It isn´t as secure as a full-time jobs, but one can organise his/her workdays.
New technologies - nowadays all jobs require computer literacy. Even people in a low position have to be familiar with working with differrent softwares, computer programmes. Working on the Internet is in fashion. There are new kinds of jobs because of new technologies e.g. webdesing, designing Internet-sites for different companies and instittutions; telemarketing - offering products and services by calling people. The Internet also provides an opportunity for finting a new job. There are different sites, where people can send their CV.
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