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It all depends an what you mean by hobby. Some people are so dedicated to their profession, that it becomes both a means of earning a living and also a hobby. In fact such people find it hard to draw a line between work and pleasure working hours and leisure time. Others find their work monotonous and search for an escape or at least a change from the daily routine.

First category.(house works)

Hobbies can be divided into several categories. There are for example those hobbies the wife considers useful. These may be gardening or doing all the repairs about the house or the weekend cottage (carpentry, decorating, electric installations), Keeping bees or maintaining the car in perfect condition by lying underneath it every Saturday. These are hobbies beneficial to the family.

Second category.(collecting, keeping animals)

The second category of hobbies comprises those concerns with collecting object of interest. For example stamps, coins, match box labels.. Then there is keeping birds like budgerigars or canarians, puddles, cats, goldfish and various exotic animals. These collectors are one large word of Friendship with their own magazines and journals. This type of hobby may be considered time-consuming and the waste of money.

Third category.(arts)

There are those who enjoy the arts. Those who go in for amateur dramatics, singing, dancing, music-making, painting or even ceramics. Acting, singing, dancing and playing the guitar are usually an event for getting together socially. On the other hand painting and drawing are lonely pass times. Just as photography is.

Fourth category.(family hobbies)

The fourth category maybe classified as family hobbies that can be enjoyed by the whole family together. E. g. gathering mushrooms, travelling, camping, skiing, rock-climbing.. In this case a good time is had by all.

Word study:

greenhouse (sklenník), gardening tools (náradie), to grow (pestova», chova»), curving (vyrezávanie), knitting (háčkovanie), sew (ąi»), I´m seldom at leisure. (Málokedy sa nudím.).
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