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Theatres in London

On the fourth Thursday on November in houses around the USA families get together for a feast or a large meal. Almost all families eat turkey, cranberry soas and also they have a pumpkin pie. This fiest is a part of a special day, the holiday of thanksgiving. In 1620 the P. made difficult trip across the Ocean from England. They came to America in a little ship called Mayflower. There were about 100 people on this shiP. They landed in what is now Massachusetts. The P. had not be allowed to freely practise their religion. They could not have their own church in Britain so they went to new world in search of religious freedom. The P. first winter was very hard almost half of these group dead of cold, hunger and disease, but the Indians of Massachusetts taught the P. to plaint corn, to hunt and fish. When the next Fall came, the P. had planted of food. They were thankfull and I feast to give thanks. They invited Indians to join them. It was the first thanksgiving. Thanksgiving became a national holiday, because of a women Sarah Hael. For 40 years Sarah wrote to each president and ask for a holiday of thanksgiving. At last she was successeful it was in 1863 when the president Lincoln declare thanksgiving a holiday.

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