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Our flat and problems of housing
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Today era bring us many problems. Housing is one of that. Thanks our government young people, who want to found family, can't live. I think, this situation is very horrible - I pause on fact, that natality in our republic is very poor. There is problem of style of living. If we visit some bigger town in Czech republic, we will see typical estate of block of flats. These estate bring us many problems. I live in this estate and so I know, what is it that so much people live together. Human is social entity, but this situation isn't good. I think, ideal are houses with maximal 3 stairs. For this houses is typical family atmosphere. My friend live in this house and he agree with me in this cause. We have problems with parks and green generally. Many people have dog or cat so green is covered by theirs waste and small children plays there games. It is very unhealthy. There is problem of playgrounds too. We have about 10 houses in our part of estate, but only two playground. This problem is connected with raising of criminality. Children can't make sport, because there isn't place for theirs activity. So, they make group and they wander around estate. I meet many groups if I go away from house and I sorry them. Modern people want for their life many technological innovations so we see before houses a lot of cars. I remember, that there isn't so much car as before our house as now. It bring many fights, because there is few parking places.
So, I describe my ideal house. If I count with situation, that there isn't so much place for house as now in future, I agree with small houses for most 10 families. I visited last year Windsor in Great Britain and I saw, what is it, if every family have own family house. It isn't nice even practise. Around my house must be garden with playground and under house must be garage for 10 cars - every family can have most 1 car, because many people no have 2 and more cars. So, I will continue. I describe my flat. My flat will have 5 rooms, 1 big kitchen - certainly bigger than in our flat now - and big bathroom with accessories. If I have 2 children, I will have 2 children room - for everybody's own. I share room with my brother and I know, that isn't good. I have to learn now late to night I my brother want to sleep so He couldn't sleep. I want my own workroom - I don't worry other. I want flat with many light and windows. I like plant so in every room - except sleeping room - must be least one plant.
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