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Travelling by car

Travelling by car

Most of people say that travelling by car is the best mode of transportation.However, travelling by car has both positives and negatives.

One advantage is that you can travel whenever you want. If you have a car you can start it and drive when you need it.
You dont have to wait for public transports so you are independent.
Travelling by car is also faster than public transports because you dont have to stop at the bus or train stops.
All in all, travelling by car is more comfortable.
You can have a car with a fancy equipment including air conditioning or luxuries heated seats today so you feel like you are at home.

However, there are many negatives too. You must earn enough money to own a car. Service of cars is expensive but also there is expensive petrol and diesel.
Moreover, cars pollute our environment. Air is pollutied by cars a lot and it is still getting worse and worse.
Another disadvantage of travelling by car is that you might stuck in a traffic jams and you might be late for work or school.

In conclusion, although some people criticize travelling by car, In my opinion it is the best mode of transportation.

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