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Maturita 2011 The Life of a Slovakian Teenagers

Maturita 2011 – riadný termín
Zadanie PIFIČ MS
Anglický jazyk, úroveň B1

Téma: The Life of a Teenagers
Write a letter ( 160 – 180 words ) to a British friend describing teenagers’ lives in Slovakia. Include the following points:
•young people and education,
•free time activities,

666 West st.
1234 Jerico

31th February 1500 BC.

Dear George Evil,

I am Satan from Slovakia. How are you? i am going to write about the life of teenagers in Slovakia.
They have good education. In Slovakia there are many very good schools. The educatoin of people begin with primary school. Then they go to secondary grammar or technical schools. I go to secondary technical school too. Then they can go to universities.
In Slovakia young people can do many interesting activities in their free time. They can do many sports. Many young people are doing martial arts for example Taekwondo. :) My hobby is collecting old motorbikes.
Slovakian teenagers’ are fashionable, but thely are not victims of fashion. Fashion is a pert of our every day lives. Their choice of clothes says a lot about them.
Slovakian young people have different lifestyles. We san see it at their clothing, speeking, walking and at their freetime activities or interests.
Slovakian young people can meet with their love anywhere, at discos or during their freetime activities or during their school time. Usually Slovakian people get married in their thirties.

I hope you have enjoyed my letter. See you soon....


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