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Birthday party - letter - little bit funny
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Dear Mike,

We were on the celebration last Saturday in the pub on the corner of West and North street.

We were celebrating my friend‘s Bob‘s 99th birthday. With my friend Bob we were meeting in Vietnam in 1965. We were fighting together. Bob was dancing all night. The food and drink was very good. That is great pub.

The pub was nicely decorated. One stripdancer was invited here. She was really beautiful but Bob is inpotent. He was really enjoyed by her. He had got cake like a plane because he was a pilot of plane in 2nd world war.

Then he was feeling wrong and we had to call help. They took him to hospital. Bob had stroke and he died.

Then we must finished the party. We went home by double decker party bus. It was very interesting party. It was Bob's best and last party in his life. I do not regret him. He had very nice life and nice death too. He died between nice boobs.

The funeral party will be organise on the next Saturday.

I hope you have enjoyed my letter.

See you soon.

Your friend Nobody
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