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Letter for my penfriend from England
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999 Neverending street
001 Dreamland
21th April 1986

Dear Frici,

How are you? Your last letter was very interesting. I really enjoyed it. When will you come to Slovakia exactly? On Monday or on Tuesday?

I plan we will attend an English lesson. I would show you how the Slovakian students learn English and I would go with you to technical lessons because those are wery interesting. For example the lesson technical measurement.

Our school offers many cool activities. For example we can do technical activities or go to the school gym. I have heard you like working out. And we can do many sports like table tennis or different ball sports. Then our school has modern electronic library with modern personal computers. We can surf on the internet and watch some dumb videos. and laugh together so much. It will be fun.

For our after school activities I plan to organise a welcome party for you. It will be organised in the restaurant called Fényes. It is in the centre of Galanta. There will be invited my close friends. I plan super live music. There will be invited nice girls too.

I hope you vill got good feeling, be worth it. And you will enjoy your trip to Slovakia.

See you soon....

Your penfriend Batman Bin Superman.
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