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I was competing
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I was competing in the internet competition this month. Prices were Ine Kafe T-shirts,jackets,coffee and more other things. The main condition to take part in this competition was photo with at least one of members Ine Kafe and you had to post it on Musiq1 email address. Fortunately I had photo from Good festival in Presov with leader of band Vratko. My photo was accepted. There were about 30 photos in the begining and I was in leading position. Later more and more people send their photos to competition and final number was 85 photos. I wrote all my friends on Facebook asking them to vote for my photo. I was still in high position but my start was lower. Only first 10 photos had a chance to win something. It was really exciting. The competition lasted 2 weeks. I was on 11th place for a short time but I managed to get back to the top 10 soon. Finally competition came to the end and I was on 7th place.
I felt absolutely satisfied when I received a message that I won. It happened last week and I am still waiting for my prize. I am looking forward that I managed to win something just once.
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