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How did Labor Day? What actually was the impetus for its creation? So for these and similar questions will help you to answer.
Perhaps few know that the feast commemorates the work of the victims of judicial murder in Chicago, which was there were socialist anarchists. Ironically, just as anarchists, May Day events antics as teenagers or as an extremist meeting. But in fact, left-wing anarchists, convey much May Day tradition than the now "traditional" left-wing - social democratic or communist - party.
No wonder then, that just anarchists organized the first celebration of the Feast of work (if so, of course, has not called) in the former Czech and Slovak. Were held in 1890 and "the conscience" of the group had about Wilhelm Körber who then still belonged to social democracy, even if later on it for its independent and anti-authoritarian attitudes spoke. In the same year started in Czech in New York City based Sheets, anarchist periodical, which lasted at least until 1917. For the first year brought a significant part of the executed anarchists, victims of Chicago's political process.
Thus, in this reflection I will describe in a little holiday work a different form as we know it.
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