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Olympic Games in general (some of the games...)
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In our project, we write about Olympic Games, we inroduce you some summer and some winter sports. We write about the history of Olympic Games. In our project you can see some pictures from famous sportsmen. There is also a Hall of Fame, where you can see some Legends, they were the best at the Olympic Games.
We think about the idea of Olympic Games and also about the commercialism of the modern Olympic Games. Basketball

Basketball is a fast game played indoors, by two teams of five players each.The primary objective of the game is to score more points, than the other team.They put a round ball through a circular band, called a nim.Two nims are at each end of the court placed 3.1m above the ground.The nims are on the backboards, which are made of glass.
The first olympic tournament was in Berlin in 1936.The United States team won the olympic gold medals that year. In 1992 professional players were first allowed to play in the olympic team, which is known as a DREAM TEAM, which is made up of
NBA´s best players.I play basketball too and it´s great game and it is also very fast.There are many rules, but there are not so difficult.Boris think that the best player was Michael Jordan, who was six times NBA champion and I think it is true.


It is a popular team sport played indoors,where each team has six players, while in beach volleyball, which is played outdoors on sand, teams consist of two players each.
The game was invented in 1895 by American William G. Morgan.His game,which he called Mintonette, became popular not only in the United States, but also in the world.
There are 210 national teams in the International Volleyball Federation.
In 1922 was the first national volleyball championship
in the United States.Volleyball became as an olympic sport in 1964 in Tokyo and the beach volleyball in 1996, in Atlanta.The most famous national teams are:Cuba,China,Russia,Holland and Italy.


Soccer is a game played by two teams on a rectangular field with the ball.The players controll the ball by using their feet.Only golkeapers are allowed to handle the ball.
Soccer is the world´s most popular sport played by men and women of all ages with milions of fans. The first modern game of soccer began in 19-th century in England. Now the most famous tournament is World Cup.The first World Cup
winner was Uruguay.The last winner was France in 1998.
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