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Life in the 21st century

In the year 1950, people were thinking and predicting great changes even, some catastrophes in the future especially in the year 2000. Some of the predictions were very optimistic, but plenty of them were scary for mankind living in that year,the year 2000. Today in the 21st century everyone can ask themselves a simple question. Is the world so different, connecting to previous predictions? Did it change so much? I don´t think so. We still can´t travel in time, we still use cars based on fosil fuels and computers haven´t replaced teachers in schools. And there is another fact which won´t ever change ,and it is that people were, are and will be thinking about their future.
Today we can speak about plenty of global problems, they influence living conditions on our planet and are alarms for us to think about now, not later, because maybe there won´t be any later. If we don´t stop global warming, which influence the melting of icebergs, I can imagine, that in 100 years time some of the big coastal cities will be under water. And in my opinion, if we don´t stop the production of freons, in 30 years time plenty more people in the world will be suffering from skin cancer, because of the size of hole in the ozone layer. There are not only negative visions of the future, but also many positive ,even if they are not realistic.
I believe that in 10 years time scientists will discover a cure for AIDS, cancer and many other diseases.
I think every house will have personal computer connected to the worldwide net. In my opinion, in 20 years time many cars will use another sort of fuel for example: solar, hydro energy and also more cars will use earth gas. According to my imagination I can imagine that we will be living under water in the oceans, because of less living space and in further future on other planets as well. But I don´ t think that robots will take over most jobs. These are the visions that are most preferable by people and scientists, but everyone of us has our own wishes and future visions about ourselves and the country that we live in.

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