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Dear family
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Dear family,

let me introduce myself. My name is XY I am 20 years old. I live in a small city near the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. I live with my mother, brother and a dog.
I was a student at the Electro-technical secondary school. During the studies I was playing in-line hockey. Then I went to military service, where I stayed for one year. I learned many interesting thing on this place, including responsibility, a first aid and being independent. I would like to study at the University of Economy in Bratislava. These days I work at shop with PCs and TVs.
I am registered to the Au-pair program for many reasons. Firs, I want to improve my English. This language is necessary for my next studies at University and for my future job. I like to travel and i like to meet new people, create new friendships. And why did I choose your country? I choose England because it is historically very attractive country and it is a country of many contrast and beautiful nature. There are also many attractive places, which I would like to see one day. In my free time I read o lot about England. In addition to my hobbies, I am interested in many sports. I like swimming, biking and climbing. I play volleyball every weekend. I like to go for a trip with my friends and my dog. I visit a theatre, too. As a family, we enjoy to visit our grandmother in the country. I live only with my mother and my younger brother, therefore I have to help with housework. I am also interested in cooking. I have big experience and knowledge about babysitting because I baby-sit often. We are big family and there are a lot of children in it. I was leading a holiday camp, too.
I consider, this is the most important information about myself which I can give you and I am looking forward our first meeting.
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