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Charles Dickens Oliver Twist
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When you told us to read a book from the period which were we learning about I decided to read a book written by Charles Dickens because his works are not so complicated and are good for reading. You can find out some facts about the life in the 19th century. But Dickens wrote many books. So I decided to read Oliver Twist and I was satisfied. Setting: The main part of the novel take place in London especially in the poorer parts of the town in the 1830s. Theme: I think that it is about honest boy who is in the wrong gang. But after all he is not a criminal because ha has got a good heart. But that is what bring him many problems. But his honesty and kindness are the moral qualities which rescue him from the life of a thief.

Main characters:
Oliver Twist – is a young boy who is bought up as an orphan without parents. He lives in London. His moral qualities do not allow him to live as a criminal. After all troubles he find a group of kind people who gave him what he need – love and family.
Mr. Brownlowe – is an old kind gentleman. He is an old friend of Oliver´s father but nobody knows it. After all he adopted Oliver
Nancy – is a young woman who lived with Sikes. She is the member of the gang but she is not a thief or a criminal. She helped Oliver more times. But she can not leave Sikes and that is her problem.
Fagin – he is the “brain” of the gang. Everything what the boys stole is going to him. He is very sly and mean. He wants Oliver to be a thief.
Monks – he is Oliver´s brother. They have the same father but different mothers. He wants his money so he tried to do everything against him.

Plot: Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse and his mother died a short while after. Oliver came to the world in very poor conditions. The only persons who were present were an old drunken nurse and a doctor who wasn´t paid well to care. Oliver Twist was brought up in a special “baby farm” for orphans and poor. The only person who was carrying about these children was Mrs. Mann who kept the money ,which were for children, for herself. The children were often hungry and bad clothed. But when Mr. Bumble – the beadle – came to control everything was good. So Mr. Bumble was sure that Mrs. Mann was carrying well about the children. So these were the conditions by which was Oliver brought up. And the worst has still to come. One day came Mr. Bumble but it was not a simple visit.
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