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American Civilization
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These are the states which produce the most products and in the US these states produce for the whole nation. B) the second type is industrial civilization and this is the most widespread all over the world. This civilization exists from the year 1650. The typical sign for this wave is the mass production – massification. The importance of man is given by his position in the world. By the massification we mean that everybody is doing the same, everybody is wearing, eating, speaking the same. The industry in this wave is the main factor and typical are great factories with hundreds of workers. Every worker can be replaced because he is doing the same like hundred others. C) the last wave is the knowledge civilization. It begun in the year 1955 with the computers. The importance of a man is given by the information he has. The new expression is knowledge worker. In 1975 Bill Gates founded his company called Microsoft and here we can see the knowledge society. But, however there are some problems. The first is that only a small group of countries can say that the are now in knowledge society, even in the United States still the three waves exist side by side. So we can not say that certain state is completely in knowledge society, because this state would not survive. There are still all three waves needed. The second problem of knowledge society is, that you never know what you should pay for the information. Because information are the main factor in this type of wave. It is hard to say how much you have to earn if you have a lot of information. So this problem must be solved and than can this knowledge civilization grow. But I want to say that probably many countries are not ready for this civilization. But we will see what the future brings. The progress is unstoppable and we must learn a lot of things when we want to do something.
Another thing which is important to mention is the geography. With the population and the total area, the United States of America are the fourth largest country all over the world. The US is composed of 50 states, the block of 48 states form the compact whole. Alaska, which became the 49th state in 1959, extends the States in the direction to the Arctic while Hawaii which became the 50th state in the same year, to the Pacific. The population of the US varies greatly world-wide. The majority was already born in the States. During 200 years large-scale of the immigrants formed the American nation. New York City is the entrance gate into the USA. 70 per cent of all immigrants came to the States through its port.
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