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American Civilization
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When we want to talk about American studies we must first say what does this term mean. American studies is a subject which is dealing with America, of course. But what consists it from? There are several parts, and we must know something about each of them when we want to describe this studies. So let´s name them. These parts are: history, philosophy, business, science, technology, way of life, system of values, geography, national characteristics, system of government. So we begin with history, especially with American history. This history begins in the year 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent. He was seeking for the new rout to Asia and he didn´t know that he had discovered New World. Because he thought that he landed in India, he named the inhabitants Indians. In the next two centuries this continent was settled. It was settled by many nations and that is why the today America is a mixture of nations, characters and cultures. The first settlers were Dutch, German, English, Slavonic, Spanish, French and many other people. There were established 13 English colonies which were provided by English government and king. These colonies have to pay taxes, but as the time goes by these colonies have to pay higher taxes than the people which were living in England. The colonists wanted to have the same taxes and members in the Parliament (taxation without representation). But the king did not agree. For him the colonies were only means for getting money which he could spend on his army or parties. But there were some rebels in these colonies who started to talk to people. They say to them, that they must not pay these higher taxes. And soon the revolution started. It has begun with the Boston Tea Party and continued with the declaration of independence on the 4th July 1776. Weak and unskilled American army fought against the well-armed English soldiers. But with the help from French and with the great tactic skills of George Washington, finally the Americans won their first real war. The England had to admit the independence of the new state – The United States of America. The first president become George Washington and the country begun to grow. The wave of immigrants was great and soon people started to expand westwards. The area of the US was larger and larger, they bought Louisiana from France and annex Texas and California. Soon were the States a large country with strong economics and plenty of natural resources.
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