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Influence of Fashion
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Clothes and fashion have always been important for people. It’s not only a way of dressing but also a big business. Fashion designers, models, managers, dress-makers try to make big money with fashion. Today the fashion is changing faster than before. New trends, new styles, new materials come in. The fashion can’t be dated back because there can’t be right date when it came to existence. It’s clearly that first men wore nothing. Practically they were naked but later when they felt a need of wearing something, they wore a short pieces of leather from animals. But we can’t talk about fashion. It was just a need. As the time passed the clothes appeared and were changing. But it is ordinary process of everything, it is developing. During ancient times, there were first real materials for making clothes. The dressing was reflexed by the social classification and it depended on how they were living, what they were doing. But we can say that it was reached a point when we started to notice the dressing thing. Later the whole dressing was much more difficult. The cult of
woman was very different. The women couldn’t show anything, couldn’t do anything, they just had to be dressed. They were more or less forced for fighting in the fashion!! Which lady will be the best dressed that season and how much money she spent on her wardrobe was the main theme for them. And here can see that on the chart of values, the fashion was really high. The textile industries have great importance because it lets us to make much more comfortable clothes in bigger count. The invention of sewing, zipping and buttoning has provided even bigger scale of possibilities for fashion creation. There was even bigger demand for stylish clothes and for someone it could be a sense of her/his life!
People have different attitudes to fashion. Some have an excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, especially women. Fashion concerns not only clothes but also hair style, make-up, and accesories, such as shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, scarfs, ties, jewelleries or glasses. These products complement clothes. I think that the biggest cosequence is that it is one of the biggest business. Just look around in Slovakia. Every second shop is Butique or something like that. It’s like a drug here. I don’t like the whole hello about the fashion. I know it’s kind of important, but I don’t think it’s as much important as they think.
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