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Charities are organizations which help the ones, which can’t help themselves. It could be people or animals. Rich or famous people usually found charities, it’s simple because to help somebody you need lot of money and they have money. They usually use they popularity and name to promote they charity. It’s for example Foundation of Tereza Maxová.

There are many types of charities, they help to children without home (for example Reason and Feeling), to abuse children (Our Child), to people in regions, which war or disasters afflict (Man in pressure), to people with AIDS, with cancer, to old people, to homeless people, to people in countries of 3rd world, to maltreat animals, to endanger animals etc.
Lot of charities are supra-national, it’s for example UNICEF which is below sponsorship of EU and helps to children in countries of 3rd world. It’s really difficult almost impossible to say which charity is the most important, because all of them are useful, if they wouldn’t be useful, they wouldn’t exist. Everyone, whom charities helped or helps, needs the help, but I think that probably the most important are charities which help children, because children really can’t help themselves. CHILDREN VILLAGES
In USA, there is one little town, where can live problematic children. It’s called Girls and Boys Town. Children there passed sad stories: broken families, wasting, abusing, drugs, alcohol, psychiatric institutions, houses of correction, essays of suicide. Headmaster of this village says, that there are “adults only to help children”. They tried to come back to children childhood and give them love. Children there live in “families” – man and woman carry about 6 – 7 girls or boys. Altogether 500 children in 69 families live there. Everyone there has to follow lot of rules, it’s necessary.
There is something similar like Girls and Boys Town in Czech Republic. It’s called Home Agapé, it’s based on the same system, but it’s smaller. It’s only one house, where can live 15 children. Charity Opava found Agapé in village Suché Lazce.

It’s national group, which was found in 2000 to help ill and stricken children. Their aims are support for children hospitals, which don’t have enough money, for children houses, for single mothers with ill child, for handicap children.
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