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Kurt Cobain biography
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this album was supposed to "get rid off"(ybavit sa) all the false fans which they got under the Nevermind success, with the more peculiar sound which reminded some of the Bleach days and some of the tracks were even supposed to be on Bleach. They succeeded in this.
In the beginning of 1993 they recorded what was to be their last studio recorded album In Utero. This album was recorded in two weeks, but wasn`t released for another six months, due the work-title I Hate Myself And I Want To Die. This title reflects the fact of Kurt being suicidal.
When Kurt was on a seminar in July 1993 he overdosed on heroin. Courtney injected him with an illegal drug to save him. Later that same day he went on stage and played a concert, no one noticed anything. From now Kurt`s drug abuse was starting to get out of hand. Courtney threatened several times to divorce him if he did not get treatment for his abuse. He agreed to get treatment for his abuse, but didn`t last long at the rehab centre. He later escaped from this centre altough it was voluntary. He said this was a place for retards or something. It wasn`t proper place for him to be.
in the beginning of 1993 Nirvana played an MTV unplugged concert, and they played what was to be their final concert in Munich 29th March 1994. One week later Kurt was hospitalised in a coma. The next day he awoke and asked for a milkshake. After a few days he left the hospital by his own will. Kurt disappears after this and is reported missing by his wife. She also hires a private investigator to trace him, she fears that he might show up dead.
8th April 1994 Kurt was found dead in his own house, of what appeared to be a shotgun blast to his head three days earlier. Two days after there were a memorial where Courtney read a part from his suicide note. Kurt had said earlier that same year that he never expected to reach the age of 30. Unfortunately he was right. He became a rock legend like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. The all became 27.
Later that year their unplugged in NY was release, and this album got great response altough it was weird to hear Nirvana without their distorted guitars.
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