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Leaving home
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In our country, children usually stop living with their parents when they are 20 or 25 years old or when they want have more independence. Here are many causes why they leave their home, but the most frequently are two causes. First cause is that a lot of young people, which finished collage, go study to university and usually it is faraway from their birthplace or faraway from place where they live. When they leave home, live on dormitory or they have their own flat. A little group of young people charter one or two-rooms flat and they live here like family. Every weekend they have a party and it is life, which they probably want live. Second cause is independence. They want be free or they want have more independence, be more free. Why? Because when they live with their parents there are still somebody who say:”No!” “It isn’t good for you!” or something like that. When they live alone, they have a feeling that they see to their. What is bad and what good on living without parents? It is hard question, but I think that it is good, because if people live in their own flat and if they have own finance, they can learn manipulate with their money. People become self-sufficient and when they live with people, they learn live with others. There are bad things of course, too. People want have independence from their parents, but they have to earn more money, because they have to pay their flat, their food and all their expenditure. I don’t know when I want leave my home and my parents, but probably when I’ll want study to foreign country or when I’ll be ready to leave my home.
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