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Emotional Inteligence and Friends
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It may be enjoying the same activities, having the same outlook or sharing similiar experiences. Most of us have met someone that we have immediately felt relaxed with. But ussually it really does take years to get to know someone well enough to consider them your ´best friend´.
To the majority of us this is someone we trust completely and who understands us better than anyone else. It´s the person you can turn to for impartial advice and a shoulder to cry on when your life lets you down. It isn´t important what time or what day is it, your best friend will drop everything and put you first. No relationship is more important than the one with your best friend.
It will probably be your best friend you go to help. Perhaps your parents are being too heavy-handed: may be you are not happy at school or at work.
All sorts of things can come between friends. One of us may leave the area and I simply lose the touch. But sometimes other relationships can conflict with my friendship and cause powerful emotions.
Even my best friend may get jealous if he or she feel pushed out by my girlfriend or boyfriend. But it is important to make his or her feel valued. It´s unwise to isolate myself if I am in boy/girl relationship. If I do, I may find that one day I break up and I have lost touch with all my old friends.
It´s stimulating to be surrounded by a mix of personalities with their attitudes and behaviour. Usually in a particular group of friends there will be a ringleader, someone the rest look to make decisions. Often there is a bit of comedian, always cracking jokes and entertaining the rest. There might well be some more reserved characters too. They all have something to contribute.
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