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History of Los Angels recreations
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These conditions triggered a civic movement to officially establish a Playground Commission and Department. Their plan was "for the prevention and control of juvenile delinquency and to provide wholesome and constructive play and recreation for youth, in supervised playgrounds, as an alternative to play in the city streets." In 1904 the City created the first municipal Playground Department in the United States. What followed was the establishment of several playgrounds between 1905-1911, with the first being Violet Street (near City Hall) in 1905. Early in the establishment of the Department, the Camping Section's system was incorporated. Children's camps and family camp as a municipal recreation service began in 1913. Although no longer open, the first camp was established in Redondo Beach. In 1914 Camp Seely in the San Bernardino Mountains in Crestline was the first family camp built, and in 1919 Camp Radford opened in Big Bear in the San Bernardino National Forest. Camp High Sierra in the Mammoth region opened to families in 1924 and has proved popular to this day with generations of the same family members attending the camp. Then came the local camps; Griffith Park Boys Camp opened in 1925 and a year later Hollywoodland Girls Camp opened. The last two camps to be added were Decker Canyon Camp in Malibu and Camp Valcrest in Angeles National Forest. The Department's camping program was so innovative that Oakland, Berkeley, Sacramento, Stockton, Long Beach, and San Diego followed suit. By 1915 the Department saw the need for organized social activities for the public. The Department developed indoor recreation centers that included gymnasiums, game rooms, stages for drama and other performances, food service facilities, and showers. Today with 150 recreation centers, Ann Street Recreation Center (near City Hall) being the first, opened its doors in 1908. The Department opened the first municipal grass greens golf course in Griffith Park in 1923 and built and officially opened Harding in 1924 (later known as Wilson-Harding Golf). Before 1923, golfers played on sand greens on a course called Riverside, built by the Department and volunteer golfers in 1900. Today, the city operates thirteen courses from the San Fernando Valley to the Harbor community. 1925 was a milestone year for public recreation in the City. The Charter created a Department of Playground and Recreation and granted both the Department of Parks and the Department of Playground and Recreation control of their own funds.
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