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Sports in USA
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Tha Americans also pay much attention to sports and games.The most popular games are basbell, American football, basketball, tenis, boxing and ice-hockey.

BASEBALL, often called America s pastime, is ejoyed by youngstes and adults, by amateurs adnd professional players. Baseball is played in a huge stadiums. There is no time limi, and may be it si one of the reasons of its popularity. High schools and cooleges have their baseball teams. The cities have at least one professional baseball team. In the USA there are two major leagues in baseball - the American League and the National League.

AMERICAN FOOTBALL is popular, hard hitting game that is played in autum. A football is a leather oval object. Footbal players wear heavy protective equipment against injuries. In January the top two teams in the National Football League compete in the Sper Bowl.

BASKETBALL is a very enegetic ball game played by two team of 5 players. The aim of gane is to "dribble" a ball down the court and throw it into a high basket. Height is a great advantage in this game. In basketball the scores are high, the pace of game is fast, and it is very exviting to watch.

IC HOCKEY is a fast exciting game played by two teams of 6 players. They play on skates in a rink. Players hit a hard rubber disc called puck along the ice with long wooden sicks.

TENNIS and SQUASH are also very popular in USA.
SQUASH was first played by the boys of Harrow Publi School near London in 1850. It is a game of 2 or 4 players played in four-walled court with a speciel racket and a soft ball.

There are a many beautiful sports centres in the USA and the typical winter sports, such as skiing, skating and snow-boarding are very popular.
There is also great number of specific water sports, such as yachting, wind-surfing, wave-gliding which are loved by many young people.
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