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My family Likes and Dislikes
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Every day after the work my mother, father and sister have a few hours that they can spend as they like. They travel by to all element of world in the holidays
My mother have one very great hobby - drawing but she has not time to do it.
Before she go to the bed she likes reading a detectives or love - stories. She likes watching TV. Her favourite program is „My house my castle“ and programs about fashion. My mother dislikes are all kinds of house works because she have to do it everyday.

My father very like sleeping and watching TV in his spare time. His favourite program is „The suitecase“. He usually works in the garden on the weekend, after the work, at the holydays, on spring, summer, autumn or winter. My father play table games: table tennis and chees. I usually play with him. That games are very expensive for him. I often start with two crowns and I finish with ten crowns. If the weather is good he plays tennis on the open air, but he is very very distant from Karol Kučera. He dislikes the joint.

I asked my sister, what was her hobbies and she said to me: „I like watching from the window for the nice and their “. Besides her „watching from window floor“ she likes working with computers, mainly playing games and surfing in the Internet, she likes the flowers and she listening the music every free time. She likes watching TV too, but she likes musical programs. Her great dream is to own a small animal for example. She likes a communication with another people. She dislikes tomato soup, smoking, moping the dishes with the dish-cloth and the carrion (I don´t know why?). This is my family likes and dislikes.

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