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My plans for the Future

It is not difficult for me to say what I like to do in my future. This job must gain one´s living and very interestings.

At first I´d like to work in a bank. I specialy work in a stock-exchange. I have an senenth meaning for the stocks, because I´m very good prognostic. I never mistake at view of the stocks but I have not resources use my eight meaning now. The banks and economy are my hobbies and I every day follow the happening in this job. At second I´d like to work as a politician. Now a politics is my hobby too. I would like to do as a minister or prime-minister, but for begin I can start as a chairman of a party. In Slovakia there is good politician very important now and I hope when I will candidate you will vote me. At third there are two „normal„ jobs: player or PC specialist. I play the guitar and sing well then I have a base for this job. I usually need computer for works and I have very good computer skills. At fourth I like tennis and I play table tennis. A tennis it means much of money and so a very interesting game for me. This game amuse me but I have not very good abilities for this. I have an ideal figure for table tennis. For this game I have a base, because I play table tennis when I have a free time. It is three or four time a week and I play fairly. One big problem is that I never will keep up myself from this game thence I play table tennis for pleasure. I suppose the work as a journalist because it is very interesting job for me too and it has many advantage whitch I want have. One of many is unlimited access for information.

Except table tennis I must know many of languagges for the jobs but the most important language is English. Very important languages for this jobs are German, French and Russian too.

I prefer big cities. For me and my ideal jobs are the best the capital cities or larger cities in the world. For Slovakia it´s Bratislava. My birth city, whitch is regional centre, is a good start for my career but in my future I´ll leave this town and the republic. I want to work in the mamy towns e.g. Paris, New York, London, Frankfurt or Tokio. All this cities are very important stock exchange centres. I have a one ideal job: professional millionaire. I must not work, I have all what is important for my life, e.g. three cars and two houses and I can do what ever I want.

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