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Melbourne's City Charm
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Driving in from Melbourne’s airport one can’t help but be struck by this city’s innovative approach to style and design. The monolithic sculptures and roadways that greet you were developed as a design gateway to the city and indicate how seriously Melbourne takes its design and architecture.
Melbourne has mastered the art of mixing the old with the new. Gracious older buildings sit side by side dynamic new architecture. You can explore Melbourne’s rich history along the Golden Heritage Mile. The tour takes in Old Customs House, Parliament House, the Old Treasury, Windsor Hotel and other exquisite examples of 19th century architecture.

Melbourne is the centre of architectural adventure in Australia and this is evident in the brave new designs appearing in some of its newer developments.

The distinctive and striking design of Federation Square is one of the most ambitious and complex projects ever undertaken in Australia. A fusion of arts and events, leisure, hospitality and promenading, it has changed the face of Melbourne.

The $A6 billion Docklands project is another massive development to look out for.

Some of the best interiors can be seen in boutique hotels such as the Como and the Hatton in South Yarra; the Adelphi and Hotel Lindrum in the city and the Prince of Wales in St Kilda.

For visual arts visit the National Gallery of Victoria, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. You’ll also find a host of other galleries specialising in contemporary, Australian and Aboriginal arts.
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