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Description of my house

I live in a flat near grammar-school. I live in 7-th floor. My house is designed for four member family. We have a small hall, the kitchen, the child-room, the bedroom, the living room the lavatory and the bathroom. In a frontdoor I have a peephole.

At first there are a very small hall with small wardrobe for shoes and rug. Opposite the frontdoor is living room. There are two carpets, sette with two armchairs and two stools, the coffe table, the table for old record, seven beautiful flowers, the break up bed, four pictures and walôl where is situated books, alcohol, glassware and dress.

In the living room there are TV set five wardropes, great mirror, a double beds, flowers, two tablelamps on the bedside tables, one great picture and three carpets. Near the living room is lavatory and bathroom with two washers, great mirror, sink, and bath. From living room to kitchen there is a passage where are carpet, table with flower and great mirror.

In the kitchen: there are a carpet, table, four chairs, rubbish bin, flowers, fridge and freezer.
In this room I have a wall whitch is situated spice rade, soup plate, knives, spoon, forks, dresse, plates, kitchen scales and microwave.In the child room:there is a one life-needs think - computer on the computer table. Except computer, there are TV set, stereo and hifi systems, bed for me, table with two armchairs wardrope for my thonks to school, carpet and great bookcase.

This is my flat. (Not mine, but parent are owners)
In the centre of big Slovakia cities many people live in apartments situated in large apartment buildings. They usually rent apartments which are owned by big companies or private owners. This houses are well furnished and equipped with modern house-hold appliances. There are usually one or more phones and TV sets, stereo and video systems, a microwave and the fridge-freezer in this apartments.
The Slovak home is a busy and lively place.
This is Slovakia housing by my point of view.

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