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My favourite game - Tennis
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This is mostly an open air game but tennis is played in the hall too. Two or four players usually play this game in many differents surfaces, e.g. heavy, synthetic or carpet. Millions people in the world play tennis because it is very interesting game but it is very hard for condition most for legs. Tennis is most populary in managers, bankers and politicians groups. The regulates are now very strickt in the world, but the match is for it very attractive. When you go play tennis, at first you must have tennis-racket and ball. The destination is win 2 or 3 matches. For acguirement the match we must win 6 games in the match. Another regulates are very hard for favor and description in this area. ATP is a world tennis association whitch organizes many men tournaments and ATP has a oficial chart of tennis players actualised every weak. For woman is WTA.

In the world there are many of tournaments play in every place in the world e.g. Russia, Slovakia and South Arabia. The most famous tournament is played in Great Britain. It is called Wimbledon which last won Pete Sampras. My favourite tournament is Roland Garos in France which is situated in the capital city-France and ATP world championships. I like too much women tennis then men tennis. My favourite players are Anna Kurnikovová and Lindsey Davenportová. I usually training tennis in summer mounths, but it´s difficuly for me.
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