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Buckhingham Palace
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There are 2 places in 1. The first is a family house, where children can play and grow up, the second is place where the presidents and kings go to meet the Queen. Buckhingham palace is like a small town. There is a hospital, two sport clubs, post office, swimming pool, cinema and theatre. There are six hundred rooms in Buckhingham palace and 3 miles of red carpet. 2 men work full time to look after the three hundred clocks. About seven hundred people work in Buckhingham palace. When the queen get´s up in the morning, seven people look after her. One prepares her bath, one prepares her clothes, one feed her dogs because the Queen is a great lover of dogs. She has nine dogs call royal dogs. They have they own bathrom near the Queen bathroom. The Queen usually drinks coffee from Harrods and eatstoast and eggs, piper play the Scotish music and the Queen reads the times. Every Thursday evening she meets the Prime Minister, they talk about world news and have a drink usually gin and wine or whisky. When the Queen invites a lot of people for diner it takes three days to prepare the table and three days to do the washing up. Everybody has five glasses. One for red wine, one for white wine, one for port, one for liqueur and one for water. During the first and the second course the Queen speaks to the persons on her left.

When the Queen finishes her food everybody finishes and it´s time for the next course.
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