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The visit to the theatre
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London is very rich in theatres, there are over 60 in the West End. Some of them are specialist theatres. The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden is the home of opera and ballet, Old Vic Theatre. Some the trees concentrate on the ”classics” and serious drama, some on light comedy and revue, some on musicals. Most theatres have a personality of its own. As the evening performances begin either at seven thirty or eight p.m. The most famous permanent companies are the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. National theatre was officially opened by the Queen on October 25, 1976, at a gala night celebration in London on the south bank of the Thames. The whole complex contains theatres, cinemas, an art gallery, lecture halls, restaurants and bars. And the National contains not one but three theatres in one. The National Theatre stages classical and modern plays. Going to the theatre we must buy tickets first. We can buy them in the advance booking office, it is better to buy them in advance though the seating capacity is quite big. Wherever we sit we can see quite well. We can to have the Orchestra stalls, Pit stalls, Dress Circle, Upper Circle and Gallery. The most expensive seats are in Orchestra stalls, the cheapest ones in Gallery. We must not be late for our performance, we must come in time. We leave our coats in the cloakroom and then the attendant shows us to our seats. The bell rings, the curtain rise up and the performance begins. At the interval we can go to the snack bar /buffet/ to have some sweets or coffees or lemonade.. We often talk about the impressions of the performance /may be on our way home or at home too/. After a good performance it is a pleasant festive feeling. So I think it is necessary to dress very carefully. The ladies can put on long dress or a white blouse and black skirt, black or silver shoes and a little handbag where they put their handkerchief, ticket, some money, a comb and a little case with make up. The man wears his dark suit with white shirt and with tie or butterfly, a handkerchief in the pocket of his jacket, dark shoes and dark socks. In our capital Britain their are several theatres to the Slovak National Theatre, Theatre of P.O.Hviezdoslav, the New Scene, the Little Scene. The Puppet Theatre, the New Studio, the Studio Scene.. The best know is the National Theatre whose building stands in Hviezdoslav Square near the river Danube.
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