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Summer holidays
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During the summer holidays I was in Slovakia. I was not be in other country. I was in Piešťany and in the High Tatras. At first I was in Piešťany. I travelled to and from this city by car. In this world famous spa I was there for 7 week and two days. I live there in the spa island in children rehabilitation institute called Pro-Patria. I was there for five time. Pro-Patria is very old building from second world war. I had a room with table, two chairs, two bed, two wardrobe and window. Every day I swam in the pool and I usually macerate in mire. But I must woke up at 6 a.m. and went sleep at 9 p.m. Every day I had a rich programme. I played footbal, basketball, table tenis and others sports.
I every day played on the guitar nice songs. I slim because there was not much food. There were a pretty girls and good friends. Now, when was not learn English I write a letters for us. After my cure in Piešťany I went to the High Tatras with my mother. We travelled by train and tram.

We were there for 10 days. We lived in Tatranské Zruby in a small room with colour TV. I sleeped usually to 10 a.m. and I had breakfast in bed. Every day we travelled by tram to many towns. We visited every day many of confectioners´s and restaurants. But we visited this very nice nature too. We went on the Štrbské and Popradské pleso in the waterfall and I saw many others attractions. From this holidays I was in home a few days. Every weekend when I was in the spa I went home. I usually relaxed with computer and television. I played games and watched news. Reading economic newspapers is my hobby then I read every day. I did not read a book and I be ashamed for this because my compulsory literature remained put on the table. That´s all from mine activities in this summer holidays. Now, I´m unhappy from duty called school.
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