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How to get to the USA?
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Immigration law is in binding form, which means that it exactly explains all relationships that occur in connection with it.
It is said that it is difficult to get to the USA, is it really so? The treaties, rules that an alien must follow vary as much as every alien varies from the other. Mainly because of this it is difficult to get to the USA. For every step, possibility and situation there is law that fits and thus for some foreigners it makes it more difficult to get to the USA, for Americans it just protects their country from dangerous aliens. It is a responsibility that every sovereign state has… Some may think that states are responsible for foreigners in their country. Well, not exactly. They are responsible just for few acts that are directly connected with them. According to Malanczuk, P. Akehurst –“a state is not responsible for the acts of private individuals, unless they were in fact acting on behalf of that state or exercising elements of governmental authority in the absence of government officials and under circumstances which justified them in assuming such authority.”
But the state is liable for some things that are done to individuals. Even an alien has certain rights. The omission for which state is responsible includes:
1, encouraging individuals to attack foreigners
2, failing to take reasonable care to protect the individuals. The reasonable care depends on circumstances.
3, obvious failure to punish the individuals
4, failure to provide injured foreigner compensation from the wrongdoers
5, obtaining some benefit from individual’s act
6, express ratification of the individual’s act

 1, How to get to the USA and become a part of it?

How to become a part of the USA? The process of becoming a United States citizen is known as naturalization. And basically it is controlled by the Immigration and Naturalization Service /INS/. To become a legal „part“of the USA, one must spent legally some time in the USA – usually 5 years. But even when one becomes part of the USA there are few things that remain just for American people. They include: Social Security, passport of the United States, the right to vote etc. This appears at least to me a reasonable rule. The USA is probably the most honored and he most hated country in the world. It I just wise to protect their citizens on the grounds of a law. The most basic way how to remain in the USA legally, for some of us, means to marry an US citizen.
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Zdroje: 1, Malanczuk, P. Akehurst’s Modern Introduction To International Law. 7th rev. ed. New York: Routledge, 1997 – CHAPTER 17, 2,
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