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Cultural life in our city - Michalovce
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Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It is our cultural centre. It is also called pearl on the Danube. There take place trade fairs. The best known are Incheba, Coneco, Flora. Also there take place many cultural events – Bienale, Bratislavská lýra. There are many cinemas ( Tatra, Slovan, Dukla, Hviezda, Mier ). You can visit some theatre e.g. Slovak national theatre, The small stage, The new stage, Theatre of J. Záborský. Cultural life in our city is not so rich as in Bratislava & other large cities. But you can go to the cinema, listen to the music, watch TV or video, read books, dance or do some sports. There isn't theatre in our city. It is pity, 'cause I think there is a special atmosphere. People are well dressed up. You must buy the tickets in the box office in advance. If you enter the theatre, you are in the hall or in lobby. Then you take off your coats in the cloakroom. The best seats are the stalls. Then are circle, upper circle, pit & gallery, where the seats are cheapest. Boxes are the most expensive. You can hire opera glasses. Between two acts there is an interval. You can go to the foyer, smoke or buy some refreshments. You can also read the programme to see the casting, who play main & supporting roles, who designed the scenery. Students of our school goes to the theatre once a year. Usually we go to Prešov. We can go to Košice too. I like comedies because I laugh a lot. But I don’t like tragedies. In our town is one cinema. It’s called Centre. When I go to the cinema, I invite some friends. I don't like going to the cinema alone. I like horrors, comedies, action & romantic films. Last one I saw The scream 3. I was very frighten. I don't go to the cinema very often, 'cause the tickets are too expensive. I go to the cinema once or twice a month. I am keen on it. I’m fond of watching TV. We’ve got also satellite, so we have much more programmes. You can choose from Markíza, STV1, STV2, Hallmark, HBO, MTV Hits, MTV Base, VIVA, Pro7, RTL, Eurosport, Spektrum, Discovery & many other. You can watch horrors, westerns, adventures, drama, thrillers, soap-operas & action, psychological, romantic & science-fiction films. You can watch quizzes, competitions, educational programmes, TV news or weather forecast too. There are different opinions for TV. Some people are for watching TV but some are against that. People who are for watching TV say: you can learn from TV foreign languages and it is wonderful source of information.
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