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George Bernard Shaw Pygmalion
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He was Irish – born writer and Nobel laureate, considered the most significant British dramatist since Shakespeare. In addition to being a prolific playwright (he wrote more than 50 stage plays), the most readable music critic and best theatre critic of his generation. Although in some ways he was both visionary and mystic , naturally shy and quietly generous, he was a big stranger in this time and place. He was under influence of the writings of Karl Marx perhaps because of his unhappy childhood (his father was an alcoholic). He admired Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen. I really love his the most famous play which really delighted me. It is critism of social prejudices, fight for woman emancipation.Name of this play and plot is borowed from Ovidius `s masterpiece Metamorphoses in which sculptor Pygmalion creates a beatiful statue of young woman. He falls in love with statue and revives it.
In Shaw`s play rich professor Higgins makes bet with colonel Pickering that he creates from young poor flower seller a beatiful well – bred lady.Name of this smple girl from street is Eliza Doolittle. Under influence of Higgins becomes Eliza wonderful lady with flawless pronunciation. She is smart, itelligent, it is amazing. Professor wins his bet but Eliza realized that She cannot go back to sell flowers.She`s out of Higgins interest. In this terrible situation helps her Missis Higgins (his mother).Young poor man falls in love with her and she prefers him istead love of Higgins. This play is snear of social conventions.It was also filmed for many times. Musical My Fair Lady based on this play by F. Loew is also well – known. It is treasure of world literature. Story and Shaw`s attitude to woman is wonderful. I can`t help myself I love it.
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