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Elizabeth Taylor biography
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Elizabeth Taylor was born in England in 1932. She was a very beautiful child, with black hair and violet-blue eyes. In 1939, she and her family moved to America, where film makers soon noticed her beauty. She became a chills star at the age of nine, and appeared in the films Lassie and National Velvet. Elizabeth Taylor is one of the few child stars who have continued to be successful as adults. She has made many films in her adult career, including Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in 1958 and Cleopatra in 1962. Her private life has not been as successful as her career in films. She has been married eight times. Her first marriage, which was when she was eighteen, ended after one year; her third husband, Mike Todd, was killed in an air crash; her fifth and sixth marriages were to the same man, Richard Burton, probably the man who she loved he most. She has often been ill with back problems and has had many operations. In 1981, after her second divorce from Burton, she became very depressed and turned to food, alcohol, and drugs for comfort. For the first time in her life her beauty left her and she put on a lot of weight. However, in 1983, she went to stay at the Betty Ford Clinic, where she worked hard to give up her addictions.
Today she is a grandmother and she has her film-star looks again.
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