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Tobacco - Sport
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In these days sponsorship represents one of the necessary aspects of professional sporting events existation. Some companies which promote sport activities and use it for their own advertisement do work in sport business field, but some of them have nothing to do with sport and healthy lifestyle. Those are usually tobacco companies like Marlboro, West or Davidoff. The fact that tobacco companies entered the space for sponsoring sport activities has it’s own advantages and disadvantages too. The main advantage of these companies sponsoring sport is that they bring the money in the sport. There are not many companies that are able to spend so much money like tobacco companies. This way, sport can be promoted. Sportsmen can get new facilities for their activities and new beginning talents can use the sponsors for improving their skills, just like M. Jordan did. Tobacco companies also often pay for TV coverage of sport events so this way they give a chance to the whole worldwide public to enjoy sport.

The biggest disadvantage of tobacco companies sponsoring sport is the fact that this kind of advertisement makes people think that smoking is not that bad. They want to be cool just like their sport heroes in TV. They see them wearing Marlboro or Camel shirts, but they don’t realize that most of these people don’t smoke. Another reason why tobacco advertisement on the sport field isn’t right is that it does destroy the sporty, healthy spirit. Sport is not about the cancer. It’s about building your body, making it healthier. Tobacco companies don’t care if the public does make the sport, they just care about if you do smoke or not. Sponsoring sport by tobacco companies is just another thing that has it’s own advantages and disadvantages, just like anything else. It’s about using each other. Sportsmen and public are using these companies and these companies are using us for their profits. NO SMOKING doesn’t mean NO SPORT though. We just have to find an alternative way, how to make the sport business run.
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